It’s Not Always Easy

To Accept Help.

But to those who have been neglected, impoverished, and suffered in vulnerable circumstances, The Hand in Need is here to offer assistance.

Built from broken and founded on compassion, we believe that lending a helping hand—The Hand in Need—can make an impact that can last a lifetime.

We Hope to Build Strength

We Hope to Build


Not only in the foundation of a physical home but also in the feeling of empowerment.

It’s our mission at The Hand in Need to listen, care, support, and join them for every step of their journey. We seek progress, not only in each home-build but as a society as a whole.”

The right actions can inspire change—

So whether it’s ensuring the safety and security of a family, offering support through a partnership or equipping others with independence, we hope that our actions encourage the vulnerable population to transform their lives for the better.

And in a modern world where people have been neglected for the sake of power, The Hand in Need wants to help rewrite their story.

A Society in Need

Profit, greed, and progress for the sake of progress has infiltrated our society today.

In the wake of our race to be better in technology, science, medicine, and finance, we have left our compassion behind.

Over the last few decades, our drive to be better, do better, and live better has masked our meaning of the word “PROGRESS.”

Although we’ve reached leaps and bounds further than we could have ever imagined in our day-to-day lives, our society still remains in need. We have left our humility behind.

We haven’t reached success together—we’ve powered through at the cost of others—people who WE desperately NEED to succeed.

Our progress is disrupted by the glaring predicament that has left others in the dust. We have left our humanity behind.

At The Hand in Need, we strive to find our compassion, humility, and humanity again.

Client-First Housing

By focusing on the needs of the tenant,

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Financial Assistance

In order to ease transition back into…

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A High Minimum Standard

At the hand in need, we..

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Comfortable Living

By focusing on the needs of the tenant,

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Who We Help

Regardless of circumstance, we aim to provide resources, support, and residential solutions to vulnerable people experiencing homelessness or other delicate situations ranging from domestic abuse to drug and alcohol exposure.

By focusing the collective efforts of our non-profit organization and partnerships, we hope to equip the most vulnerable members of our society with a safe space to live and thrive.

By offering a permanent, temporary or semi-permanent housing solution to those victim of certain circumstances, we hope to provide them with the stability they need to empower them to break the cycle of homelessness.