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We, as a society, are in need

And for us at The Hand in Need, we hope to turn the tables when it comes to helping and receiving. We are The Hand that’s truly in Need.
By extending our own hands to help break the cycle, we hope to empower the impoverished by providing the resources and support they need to return back to society in the safest way.

The housing and landlord industry is out for profit, no matter the cost. However, by collaborating with charitable organizations and partnerships, The Hand in Need is able to give vulnerable populations the care and the housing they need to push our society to a better future—one where greed isn’t at the forefront of our actions.

Our Mission

In our community-first nonprofit, we hope to not only address the housing crisis, but turn the entire industry on its head. In hopes of providing a sustainable solution to those most vulnerable, we place our utmost focus on offering a caring, effective, and safe solution for all.
By centralizing our partnerships with additional aiding organizations, we hope to steer society to become more progressive, caring, and sustainable for ALL.


Disturb The Non-Progressive Housing Industry:

Although profitable when it comes to big business, the housing industry in the UK makes it nearly impossible to provide adequate homes for those less fortunate at an affordable rate. The Hand in Need hopes to ensure that those victimised by domestic abuse, homelessness, and other precarious situations are treated fairly and given the support they need to transition their lives for the better. We should not be here working just for the sake of progress—but for the good of all.


Offer Holistic, Comprehensive Support:

At The Hand in Need, we know that the foundation of a roof and four walls are only the start of something new. In order to best support the improvement of the lives of those who have gone through trauma, abuse, and regrettable situations, we strive to offer supportive resources to break the cycle. The holistic and comprehensive support


A REAL Progressive Solution For Society:
As a society, we often believe that we’ve made so much progress when it comes to innovation, creativity, and gains in specific industries. However, if you walk the streets of the financial capital, you pass by an alarming number of homeless onthe streets—who have been forced to live outdoors for many reasons. Is it truly progress or success as a society if our world is becoming more egocentric and less caring? The Hand in Need wants to help restore our humanity, support, and duty to the community to improve our world as a better place for everyone.

The Hand in Need

We work to offer housing solutions of all shapes and sizes to those in need. Not limited to only providing a roof over their heads, The Hand in Need also provides comprehensive supportive services to address the housing crisis and break the cycle of homelessness in a sustainable and renewable way.