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What We Do

The Hand in Need offers a multitude of services through partnerships in order to house the homeless.

By connecting a network of nonprofits and the support they provide, we’re able to offer fully comprehensive services to support these future tenants, landlord partners, and their journey to sustainable and safe living together.

Client-First Housing

By focusing on the needs of the tenant, we aim to ensure the safety of the home and the comfort of its inhabitants. This means we double-check that all safety requirements and certifications are met and passed before the house is move-in ready.

Safety Checks

Not only are all disability requirements and adjustments made for the living conditions in the exterior and interior of the home, but there are also lock changes and security in place in order to ensure the safety of the family or person inside. Depending on the client’s situation, the home can be customised to meet their needs and give them that feeling of confidence and safety.

Comfortable Living

Just because of an unfortunate circumstance, humans shouldn’t be stripped of their rights to creature comforts. We think there should be comfort in care—which is why each of our housing solutions always puts the inhabitant first. We ensure our properties and processes include internet, TV licenses, decorations for comfort, contents, and insurance. We strongly believe that our participants need these comforts to succeed—and often could be considered as a necessity for work, family, and day-to-day living.

A High Minimum Standard

At The Hand in Need, we don’t just do things for the sake of doing things. We believe that everyone deserves the same foundation in life to have the best chances of finding success. This is why we focus on equipping each and every one of our homes with a high-rated minimum standard that brings safety and comfort in daily living.

From new to good-condition, used furniture, we hope to minimise their costs and give them what they need to succeed.

Additional Supportive Services

With our focus on the care and recovery of our clients today, we can help put them on a path for success, love, and stability they need to better their tomorrow.Through our partners that specialise in the health and well-being
of our populations of homeless, victims of abuse, and ex-offenders,we hope to offer a solution to provide pastoral care and support services.

From counseling to training provisions, we want to not only create a sense of well-being but one of independence to the
people we house.

Financial Assistance

In order to ease the transition back into society with a secure living situation, we also offer provisional services to assist with decisions surrounding financial options.

Focusing on housing benefit claims and the full furnishing of a home, we hope to give them the best opportunity to focus on building a solid day-to-day life that grows into a successful future.