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Not every house is a home

But at The Hand in Need, we hope to make every living space feel like home
from the moment they set foot in our doors.

And although their stories are not all equal in the way they arrived here, the help and support needed can typically be categorised in certain frameworks with similarities in their characteristics.

With experience working with people from each of these categories, we hope to use each of our backgrounds to help present an adequate accommodation for them to develop independence in daily life.

At The Hand in Need, we offer help to these target groups

The Homeless

Whether it’s a permanent or temporary accommodation, The Hand in Need hopes to offer a stable environment for those experiencing true homelessness or are at the risk of losing the safety of a roof over their head and have applied for a temporary home.Since temporary accommodation has often been redefined as “hidden homelessness,” these particular groups are often placed in multiple homes, and constantly replaced, uprooting the lives of everyone in the family. Our innovative solutions can help make an impactful difference by supplying that steady living home for those in need.

Domestic Abuse

At The Hand in Need, we know that where someone lives can affect their road to recovery when it comes to being a victim of domestic abuse.Unfortunately, there is a very distinct link between domestic abuse and homelessness, with those affected by the situation often not having a safe space to call their own. A house to a victim of abuse often means a new beginning, a safe refuge, and a sufficient border to stop their abuser from repeat offenses. More often than not, however, most victims in the UK are turned down due to a lack of space in the area, bedding, and living quarters. The Hand in Need wants to change that by giving support and a safe space to stay.


At The Hand in Need, we believe in new beginnings, second chances, and a safe space to start somewhere new. For ex-offenders, being released from prison often comes with the high risk of reoffending and heading back into the system. Part of the risk is due to a lack of stability, housing, and being roped into their old lifestyle based on the people they knew before they were imprisoned.

In order to combat the chances of being homeless after being released, we work with partners here at The Hand in Need to offer supportive housing in order to give them a place to sleep for a fresh start. This gives us the best opportunity to break the vicious cycle of being released from prison, returning to a bad environment, committing crimes again, and being admitted to prison. In addition, this immediately decreases their chances of reoffending in the first place, helping keep our community safe and lessening the burden on our prison system.


If someone is suffering from a mental or physical disability that isn’t recognised or with valid support from the system, it can be discouraging and even detrimental to their living situation. But, on the other hand, those who are homeless also have the risk of developing a mental illness or even physical disability if left in a predicament unattended and unaided.

The Hand in Need wants to help break the cycle—from learning disabilities to mental or physical difficulties. We truly believe that homelessness shouldn’t be another obstacle to tackle.


Gang violence can also drive people from their homes, when a safe place they call home is quickly turned into a possible danger area. If a client of ours is forced out of their home, whether due to gang violence, drug issues or turf wars, The Hand in Need wants to help.

More often than not, the victims of gang situations often don’t meet the statutory requirements for temporary housing, meaning they are often left on the streets with nowhere to go. This can create the (unfortunately) perfect opportunity to re-enlist in gangs, where they often seek refuge once more.


In order to help give refugees the best start they deserve,  The Hand in Need’s housing also hopes to ease the burden that is often strained onto local authorities as they are typically assigned to unsuitable accommodation in dangerous areas.

Not only do these local areas create an unsafe environment for the refugees, but the burdening cycle of their housing placement also often leads to their skills and potential being under-utilised or unnoticed. Let’s give them the best opportunity to become functioning, contributing, and helpful members of society.

Unique and Customised Support

With our currently developing projects, we hope to offer support to the vulnerable population, no matter their religion, race, socio-economic standpoint and needs.

With extensively thought-out planning and professionally run programs, we are able to give support, educate, offer resources, and a path to a productive and happy life.